Saturday, January 4, 2014

December 2013

December was a great month for us.  It was also a busy one, but I love all of the Christmas activities and seeing family that I don't see as often as I would like!  It has been a while since I have blogged, and honestly, I thought about stopping, but I love documenting our lives for the boys to read one day and for family that we don't get to see often.
I know that over the past few years I have said that I can't believe how fast my babies are growing... well during the half of the month that I did not have to work in December, it became very clear that I have independent big boys now.  And they are in a fun stage, but keep me on my toes all the time!!!   I miss Will's nap time... ha!
One Saturday, we stayed in our pajamas the entire day!  I put up my tree and decorations.  I love days like this!!!

 Just a random snapshot of me and the boys... notice the clothes I was about to fold in the background :).
I still love my boys in Christmas pajamas!  Carter is still a camera ham :).

And Will very clearly is not :).  But he did let me play army with him one day when Carter had the stomach bug!
We had Christmas with the Downs side of the fam early this year.  It was fun, and as always and Hootie and Carter were best buddies

Will with some of his cousins :).  Cute kiddos!
Cute little man in front of Aunt Reba's tree!!!

The boys had Christmas parties in their classrooms.  I am a little bitter about Will's party (only a little).  The room mom changed the date at the last minute and I could not go because of CPE classes :(, but daddy did go and they had fun.  We just don't have any photos... Sorry Will!  But I am thankful your daddy went out of his way to go with you!
I did get to make Carter's party.  He is the resident hunk in his class from what his teacher tells me :).  Ella is sure giving him some eyes and Raegan's mom said that she wants to marry Carter one day.  I don't blame them little man :)!!!

He also has a great teacher.  She is very good to him and he has learned so much.  He was very excited to give her a gift for Christmas!

 Carter and daddy.  Carter loves to give a fins up for his Rebels!!!

We went to visit Santa one Saturday.  Carter has never been a fan... and even this year, he did not want to go up to visit Santa.  He did, however, tell Will what he wanted (a Gator and dump truck) and Will relayed it to Santa.  My sweet Will has always loved Santa and I love the picture below.  So handsome!

Carter did have courage to sit in Santa's lap at school.  It must be the jersey :).

I love these pictures that I snapped of the boys in front of the tree.   Not together, but hey, I can live with that.  Love these precious boys and Christmas memories!

Daddy and I went to my work Christmas party at Chickasaw Country Club.  We did not get a photo alone, but did get this group shot with some great co-workers.  It was such a fun night!!!

We also had Carter's Christmas program at Harrell Theatre in Collierville.  Last year, he would not even go on stage.  He cried the entire time his class performed.  This year, I have to brag a little that he was the star of the show :) (all the other kiddos did great also)!  He sang so loud, hit every note and every move that he was supposed to for the program.  I was so proud of him!!!
Too much cuteness!!!  Lauren, Carter, Raegan, Will, Kate and Brayden. 

Hitting every note... love this!

After each song, he stopped to wave at his family!!!  Love :).


We also got to spend lots of time together, look at Christmas lights and we went to the movies!  I hope everyone had a great December also!!!

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